Do you feel like you are thinning? Thinking about the possibility of having surgery but don’t like the price tag? There is an alternative…….

With a hair system, you don’t need to take medication or wait to see the results. Within a few hours you will have a full head of real hair that you don’t remove.

After a consultation and colour match I make sure the system will fit your lifestyle and which bond will work best for you. Your hair ideally needs to be about an inch long in the area from temple to temple for a good blend of the hair system and to get a true colour match. The fitting of a first hair system takes between 2-4 hours. The area where the new hair will sit is shaved and prepared. I then make a template of this area so I can cut the base of the system to match the area perfectly. Once applied the hair is then cut into your desired length and style.

You will receive a gift pack with all the things you need to look after your new hair properly and a care sheet (like any product the hair needs to be looked after to stay in good condition and get the best longevity).

If looked after the hair system itself will last between 2-12 months. You will require a maintenance service every 3-4weeks depending on how your bond holds, again this depends on lifestyle. Your 1st maintenence is included in the price of the system. This takes between 1-2 hours and includes your haircut.

Investment of the system from £500.

Maintenance from £35

you may require a toner if the colour lifts this will be priced at £10

Any future systems will be priced from £400 for existing clients.