Do you feel like you are thinning? Thinking about the possibility of having surgery but don’t like the price tag? There is an alternative…….

With a hair system, you don’t need to take medication or wait to see the results. Within a few hours you will have a full head of real hair that that you can swim, workout and have confidence with.

A consultation is required for every hair system (even if you are an existing wearer). During the consultation Gemma with go though the various types of system, do a patch test and get a colour match of your existing hair. Your hair ideally needs to be about an inch long in the area from temple to temple for a good blend and a true colour match.

The fitting of a hair system takes 2-3 hours. The area where the new hair will sit is shaved and prepared and a template is created to match the area perfectly. Once applied the hair is then cut into your desired length and style. The hair must be left for a minimum of 24hrs before working out or washing etc. This will help to form a lasting bond as well as letting the hair settle. If all the instructions are followed the hair system itself will last a minimum of four months with some clients going to a year ( this depends of the type of system as well as good care).

You will receive a gift pack with all the things you need to look after your new hair properly( bond pen, shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, styling and finishing products) and a care sheet.

Like any product this item needs to be looked after to stay in good condition and get the best longevity.

You will require a maintenance service every 2-4weeks depending on how your bond holds, again this depends on lifestyle. A maintenance involves taking the system off, removing the bond from both areas, cutting your natural hair and reapplying. This takes between 1-2 hours.

The results for this product speak for themselves. Seeing a persons confidence change before your eyes really makes it worth while.

Bond used Ghostbond XL and Walker ultra hold tapes